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The Jungle is a collection of 1,555 pixel animals living on Solana blockchain. With over 50 unique characters belonging to 8 factions, our aim is to bring together the many DAOs in the Solana eco-system through co-operation, competition, staking rewards and striving to make a positive change in the world.

At the end of the mint, our utility comes into play. Each different animal class will belong to a unique faction, allowing you to enter a staking pool. The rewards will be based on a points system, in which the rarity of animals and traits will generate more points for your faction’s pool.

Alongside this, there will be community competitions in which you can cooperate with the rest of your faction to compete for rewards. These will be made up from our community chest, of which 50% of royalties will be going towards, as well as other fun prizes. All factions will be rewarded, but the factions with the highest points at the end of the month will get the biggest rewards. So make sure you rally your faction as there is a lot at stake!

And it does not end here… The Jungle project will be the first project to bring together different DAOs in the Solana ecosystem. We aim to allow these DAOs to compete in community-driven events and programs, which will allow other DAO’s to reap rewards from the leaderboards. We expect that members from other communities will want specific animals/factions, so hold onto yours tightly to make sure yours doesn’t get snapped up in the weeks to come 😉. We are expecting certain animals to become hot commodity soon. You have been warned!

To start this process, there will be 1/1 NFTs tailored for different DAO Solana projects. This will allow them to enter a staking pool, in which they can cooperate to compete for rewards and enter our factions. They will gain more points by attaining more animals in that faction class. The rewards will be based on a points system in which the rarity of animals and traits will generate more points for the staking pool.

A multiplier bonus will be rewarded for any staking pool that completes a full animal set from a faction. You will also receive a bonus for every animal in the staking pool that reflects you own DAO. For example, if a DAO has a project based around monkeys, their staking pool would receive a bonus for collecting animals of their faction. However, any animal from any faction can be collected and staked in the pool.

We encourage inclusivity and will allow anyone to apply for a staking pool. In the future, the staking pool will start rewarding factions with our very own governance token which we will go into more detail about after the mint has finished. We expect this will be different to other NFT coins, as holding an amount along with the NFT will give you the option to vote for key decisions within our project in the future.

The DAO/faction with the most points at the end of the staking period will receive extra perks for finishing on top of the leaderboard. We want to bridge the gap between DAOs and help cultivate and open cross-DAO community in the Solana ecosystem and we would love for you to be on board and join the ride!


Project Leader


Social Media Wizard

Ya Boi Sam

Community Builder


Graphic Designer


Solana Developer

Where are you launching?

We will be launching on our own website created by the team’s lead developer. on Friday 26th November at 9PM UTC

What marketplace are you listing on after launch?

We have are confirmed to list at Magic Eden and after our second wave.

wen Discord OG?

OG Status will be given to those we feel are adding to our community positively and believe in the project, we will be adding new names everyday. There will also be no WL.

How many jungle animals will exist?

There will be 1,555 animals in the jungle family. We want to build an inclusive community full of different species of the animal kingdom. This number will give us that big community aspect where we can grow and build for a long time to come. This number also works with our future utility.

What is the price of minting?

0.5 Sol is the mint price. We feel this number is perfect to weed out anyone looking for a quick flip and potentially botters. We know this is an investment, but if you are minting for the right reasons, and have full faith in the team and project you can see why this is a perfect amount.

Where will the minting take place?

1,111 animals are already minted. The second and last wave is planned for Friday the 3rd December 9PM UTC.

How many NFTs will I be able to mint during the public launch?

1 per transaction.